Much like human well-being, the essence of our work is found in balance — between richness and restraint, order and complexity.

K Studio ID was born out of the human necessity of transforming spaces into better living areas.We specialize in Commercial, Hospitality, and Residential design; we offer a different concept to the public.Our team consists of Architects, Interior Designers, and Graphic designers who combine their abilities to offer you a complete range of services with excellence and dedication

At K Studio ID, we architect spaces and craft designs that enrich life. Drawing from our vast team's dedication, enthusiasm, and expertise, we tailor solutions to meet the unique challenges our clients present. Whether designing interiors that champion inclusivity, optimizing spaces for educational advancements, fostering vibrant communities, or driving innovation in commercial setups, our end-to-end services ensure that every project we undertake meets and exceeds expectations. With every blueprint we draft and corner we design, our commitment to enhancing how people experience spaces shines through.

Core Values


Creative Thinking


Insightful Innovation


Collaborative Culture


Passionate People

Award-winning firm with over 15 years of experience

Jorge Kasabdji with his design team




Expertise in residential design, encompassing houses, apartments, and condos.

Fusion of technical skills and creativity to enhance functionality and aesthetics.

Commitment to creating harmonious living environments through innovative design.

Delivering breathtaking and harmoniously designed new homes.


Commercial + Office

Specialization in commercial design catering to stores, offices, warehouses, and restaurants.

Strategic focus on location selection as a cornerstone of business success.

Dedication to cost-effectiveness while maximizing profit through interior design.

Commitment to utilizing high-quality materials and finishes.



Expertise in hospitality design encompassing hotels, bars, restaurants, and relaxation spaces.

Personalized services to bring concepts to life, adhering to franchise-specific parameters.

Broad influence of hospitality design, extending its impact to a variety of other project types.

Recognized as design specialists partnering with franchises such as IHG and Carlson.

Jorge Kasabdji

“The art and science of making sure that buildings and places fit with the way people want to live their lives.”

Jorge Kasabdji




Initial consultation with the client to establish design intent and direction. Collect all standard information from the client.



Schematic design, space planning, programming, site selection, rendering, promotional materials, and project inception.


MEP Coordination

MEP Coordination services harmonize all the building services with other disciplines that form the building fabric, structure, and external envelope.


Interior Design Expertise

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment.


Purchasing Services

Review all project items and quality to create a detailed pricing invoice. Ordering, reviewing acknowledgment, and receiving the orders.


Construction Administration

Our team will ensure that the project is on schedule and that the contractor uses the proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel.

Meet the Founder

Jorge Kasabdji

Jorge Kasabdji

Jorge Kasabdji, founder and owner of K Studio ID is widely known for his exquisite taste and architectural sensibility. He is an expert in transforming spaces from common to spectacular with the use of uncommon textures, colors and splendid forms.