4D Gelateria Ice Cream Shop

K Studio ID has curated a modern and elegant space for 4D Gelateria in Doral, Florida, where design enhances the delightful experience of enjoying premium gelato. The interior, marked by sleek aesthetics and warm accents, creates a welcoming and sophisticated environment, reflecting the high quality and refinement of the 4D Gelateria brand.

4D Gelateria
Interior Design
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

For the 4D Gelateria Ice Cream Shop located in Doral, Florida, K Studio ID has crafted a space that embodies the delightful and refreshing essence of an ice cream shop while incorporating elegant design elements. The interior is characterized by a sleek and modern aesthetic, featuring clean lines, warm wooden accents, and a sophisticated color palette, creating an environment that is both welcoming and visually appealing.


The objective was to design a space that enhances the customer experience, making each visit to the ice cream shop a delightful indulgence. We aimed to create an ambiance that mirrors the quality and sophistication of the 4D Gelateria brand, ensuring that the interior design complements the premium offerings of the shop.


The result is a harmonious blend of functionality and style. The design, with its thoughtful layout and modern aesthetics, contributes to creating an atmosphere that is conducive to enjoyment and appreciation of the fine gelato offered, ensuring that the space is inviting, comfortable, and reflective of the 4D Gelateria’s brand ethos.