Bocas del Mar Restaurant and Lounge

K Studio ID’s design for Bocas del Mar Restaurant in Miami, Florida, encapsulates urban sophistication, creating a space where the city’s vibrancy is complemented by refined dining elegance. The thoughtful integration of industrial aesthetics, comfortable furnishings, and natural elements cultivates a welcoming and stylish atmosphere, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Interior Design, Architecture
Miami, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

K Studio ID has cultivated a design for Bocas del Mar Restaurant in Miami, Florida, where the vibrancy of the city meets a refined dining ambiance. Utilizing a blend of industrial aesthetics with natural elements, the space is curated to exude a sense of urban sophistication. The interior features an elegant bar area, comfortable seating, and strategically placed greenery, enhancing the atmosphere with a touch of freshness and life.


Our objective was to create a restaurant space that harmonizes the dynamic energy of Miami with a comfortable and sophisticated dining environment. The design aims to facilitate a delightful dining experience, promoting a sense of community and enjoyment.


The design accomplishes a balance of urban chic and welcoming ambiance. The thoughtful arrangement of spaces, the blend of materials, and the inclusion of natural elements contribute to a dining environment that is vibrant, stylish, and attuned to the lively spirit of Miami.