Coffee Shop and Lounge Restaurant

K Studio ID has transformed a space in Fort Lauderdale into a sophisticated Coffee Shop and Lounge Restaurant, blending modern elegance with warm, inviting ambiance. Every design element, from the rich textures to the strategic lighting, converges to create a vibrant yet cozy environment, making it a distinguished destination for dining and socializing.

Interior Design, Concept
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, we've brought to life a unique space that marries the conviviality of a coffee shop with the elegance of a lounge restaurant. The design concept revolves around creating a warm, inviting, and stylish environment where the community can converge, converse, and enjoy. Utilizing a rich blend of textures and contemporary materials, the space evokes a sense of sophistication, making it a destination where comfort meets style.


The vision for the Coffee Shop and Lounge Restaurant was clear: to create a modern, vibrant, yet cozy space that caters to diverse needs, from casual coffee breaks to formal dining experiences. K Studio ID aimed to craft a design that would be a beacon of contemporary elegance, integrating elements that add a touch of luxury while maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.


The result is a beautifully orchestrated space where each element, from the lighting to the furniture, contributes to an ambiance of upscale comfort and modern elegance. Large windows invite natural light, enhancing the mix of warm tones and sleek finishes within the interior, offering guests a refreshing and sophisticated environment to dine and socialize.