Don Pan Bakery and Deli

K Studio ID has transformed Don Pan Bakery in Doral, Florida, into a modern, inviting space that harmoniously blends traditional bakery charm with contemporary design elements. The revitalized interior, characterized by bright, clean lines and innovative displays, enhances the customer experience, making the bakery a delightful and welcoming destination.

Don Pan Deli
Interior Design, Architecture
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In the lively city of Doral, Florida, K Studio ID has reimagined a traditional bakery into a modern, vibrant space that invites customers to experience the delightful array of baked goods in a fresh, contemporary setting. The design of Don Pan Bakery is a confluence of warmth and modernity, where traditional bakery elements meet chic, contemporary design. With an emphasis on light, clean lines, and inviting displays, the bakery has been transformed into a space that not only showcases the baked goods but also enhances the customer experience.


The goal was to revitalize the bakery’s interior to create a space that feels open, modern, and welcoming. The vision was to design a bakery that holds onto its traditional roots while embracing a modern aesthetic, ensuring the space feels fresh, light, and conducive to a delightful customer experience.


The design outcome successfully marries functionality with aesthetic appeal. The bright, clean lines and organized displays create a welcoming atmosphere, while thoughtful design elements like the creative use of lighting and materials elevate the customer experience, making the bakery a delightful destination in Doral.