Evergreen Hills Shopping Center

The shopping center will be designed based on the client’s desires for an outdoor space with open air, vegetation, water features, tropical garden settings, an outdoor plaza for events, retail rooms, a gym, a banquet hall, and restaurants. All spaces have a luxury feel that the client wishes, like Bal Harbour Shops and West Field Mall—approximately 141,000 square feet.

Evergreen Hills Shopping Center
Architecture, Landscaping, Commercial
Doral, Florida
To be Announced
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What we've done

Spread expansively over approximately 141,000 square feet, the center is not just another commercial complex—it's a sensory journey. At the very heart of its design philosophy lies the client's dream of an outdoor sanctuary. To breathe life into this dream, K Studio ID crafts spaces that are a celebration of open air, bestowing upon visitors the sheer joy of unfettered skies and a gentle breeze that whispers tales of tropics.


Amidst the urban sprawl, a new landmark is set to rise, envisioning a synthesis of luxury, nature, and architectural prowess. This shopping center, sculpted by the visionary hands of K Studio ID, aspires to redefine retail experiences, drawing inspiration from the iconic elegance of Bal Harbour Shops and the contemporary magnificence of West Field Mall.


Incorporating lush vegetation, the design creates a green tapestry that threads its way across the center. From tall palms swaying gracefully to vibrant floral beds and dense shrubberies, every element of the green design is handpicked to transport visitors to a tropical garden setting. This natural embrace is further accentuated with water features—glistening ponds, cascading waterfalls, and tranquil fountains—offering both visual delight and auditory serenity. Yet, the soul of the center extends beyond its verdant embrace. An expansive outdoor plaza, conceptualized as the hub of events and gatherings, beckons with promise. Here, memories will be crafted—be it vibrant festivities, tranquil art installations, or bustling markets. Retail rooms, each a canvas of opulence, ensure that shopping is not just a transaction but an experience. Their layouts, furnishings, and ambiances are meticulously designed to mirror the luxury quotient that destinations like Bal Harbour Shops proudly wear. Dining aficionados will find culinary heavens in the center's array of restaurants, each presenting gourmet delights in settings that oscillate between intimate chic and grandeur. For those seeking wellness and celebration, the shopping center is fully equipped. A state-of-the-art gym stands ready to cater to fitness enthusiasts, while a palatial banquet hall waits in grand anticipation of galas, balls, and ceremonies. Every square foot of this center echoes the client’s aspirations, and K Studio ID's design expertise ensures that the final product isn't just an architectural marvel but a living, breathing space of luxury, nature, and shared experiences. As visitors step in, they'll not just shop or dine; they'll embark on a journey that tantalizes their senses, caresses their soul, and creates memories etched in the annals of time.