Home New Green Interior

A modern home with a white base and lime green pop of color.

Interior Design, Residential
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In an era where architectural designs often meander through a spectrum of colors and styles, our vision was singular: a home that not only resonated with the rhythms of modern living but also brought forth a surprising, yet delightful palette. This vision led to the birth of a residence that effortlessly marries a pristine white base with bold pops of lime green—crafted meticulously by the experts at K Studio ID. Yet, where this design truly stands apart is in its audacious embrace of lime green. This color, vibrant and full of zest, injects the space with a youthful energy and a contemporary flair. But the application is not haphazard; it's deliberate and strategic. From statement furniture pieces and accent walls to smaller decor elements like cushions and vases, the lime green nuances are spread judiciously, ensuring they complement rather than overpower the dominant white. The beauty of this design approach lies in the balance. White, with its serene and timeless appeal, sets the stage, allowing the home's architectural features and spaces to shine. In contrast, lime green acts as a disruptor, breaking the monotony and adding layers of visual intrigue. Together, they craft a narrative of harmony—a space that feels both calm and invigorating.


As with all our designs at K Studio, functionality is at the heart of this home. The layout, the choice of materials, and the integration of green elements have all been conceptualized to offer residents a blend of comfort and style. Every corner, every space, is both a testament to modern architectural principles and a nod to individuality. In conclusion, this modern home isn't just a dwelling—it's a statement. A statement of what contemporary living can be when tradition meets audacity, and serenity meets vibrancy. Through its white base and lime green accents, the residence becomes an emblem of K Studio's commitment to innovative, personalized design.


The essence of modern architecture is the interplay of simplicity with functionality. In this residence, the overarching white base speaks to this simplicity. It provides a canvas, both vast and versatile, capturing the tranquillity and purity associated with modern minimalist designs. The expansive use of white, from the façades to the interior walls, creates an aura of spaciousness, allowing for light to dance freely across rooms and corridors.