La Carpaccieria Restaurant

K Studio ID’s design for La Carpaccieria Restaurant in Doral, Florida, embodies a blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance, creating a warm and sophisticated dining atmosphere. Every element, from wood accents to unique lighting, is thoughtfully curated to enhance the overall dining experience, making it a distinctive and inviting destination.

La Carpaccieria
Interior Design
7761 NW 107th Ave Doral, Florida 33178
/Square Footage

What we've done

In the vibrant locale of Doral, Florida, K Studio ID designed La Carpaccieria Restaurant, incorporating elements that create a space of warmth and sophistication. The design marries rustic and contemporary, with wood accents, unique lighting fixtures, and a layout that encourages a delightful dining experience.


Our goal was to curate an environment that resonates with the culinary finesse of La Carpaccieria, ensuring that the design complements the dining experience by adding to the restaurant’s allure and customer comfort.


The result is an inviting space that enhances the dining experience, where the design intricacies, from lighting to furniture, contribute to the overall ambiance of warmth and sophistication, ensuring that La Carpaccieria stands out as a distinctive dining destination in Doral.