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K Studio ID’s design for Mega Wine & Spirits in Doral, Florida, embodies sophistication, creating a luxurious lounge that enhances the wine and spirits exploration experience. The elegant furnishings, ambient lighting, and thoughtful layout create a space that is both welcoming and refined, offering patrons a delightful environment to appreciate the curated selections.

Mega Wine & Spirits
Interior Design, Architecture
5335 NW 87th Ave Doral, Florida 33166
/Square Footage

What we've done

K Studio ID has curated the design for Mega Wine & Spirits located in Doral, Florida, to create a luxurious and inviting wine lounge. The space is adorned with elegant furnishings, ambient lighting, and a harmonized color scheme that enhances the display and presentation of a diverse selection of wines and spirits, cultivating an environment that resonates with sophistication and the fine art of winemaking.


Our goal was to design a space that exudes luxury and comfort, creating an environment where patrons can explore and appreciate an exquisite selection of wines and spirits. We aimed to create a lounge that celebrates the essence of winemaking and spirit crafting, ensuring that the design aesthetics align with the quality and diversity of the offerings.


The result is a sophisticated wine lounge that combines elegance with a warm, welcoming ambiance, offering patrons a space to explore and appreciate a curated selection of wines and spirits in a luxurious setting. The design, marked by its elegant furnishings and ambient lighting, creates a captivating environment that enhances the overall patron experience, making Mega Wine & Spirits a distinguished destination in Doral.