Mid-Century Model Apartment

The second staging unit for MidTown Doral was designed to introduce a new growing trend look to the Doral Clients with a Midcentury Modern feel. The model unit is one of the biggest condo styles at MidTown Doral. The unit’s inspiration began with the living room coffee table. The Mid-century look has a retro sensation without going overboard with simple lines, wood pieces often in teak or walnut. The style emphasizes pared-down forms, curved angles, contemporary patterns, natural materials, and a seamless flow between spaces. The colors tend to combine darker neutral tones with saturated accent pop colors.

Interior Design, Residential
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In the ever-evolving urban landscape of Doral, where architectural styles continually shift and redefine the skyline, K Studio ID unveils a showpiece that captures the essence of a bygone era, yet feels refreshingly contemporary. The second staging unit for MidTown Doral stands as a nod to the timeless elegance of the Midcentury Modern design, skillfully reimagined to resonate with today's discerning clients.


To design and curate the second staging unit at MidTown Doral, seamlessly integrating the timeless elements of Midcentury Modern design with contemporary sensibilities, creating an immersive experience that resonates with Doral's discerning clientele.


As one steps into this spacious condo, one of the largest styles offered at MidTown Doral, the journey of design inspiration becomes immediately evident. Central to the unit's aesthetic narrative is the living room coffee table—a piece that not only captures attention but sets the tone for the entire living experience within the space. Drawing from this anchor, the condo unfurls as a symphony of design elements that echo the hallmarks of Midcentury Modern aesthetics. Midcentury Modern, an architectural style that revolutionized the 20th-century design scene, is characterized by its retro undertones and a commitment to simplicity and functionality. In the hands of K Studio ID, these classic elements take on a fresh, contemporary appeal. Everywhere one looks, from the teak and walnut furnishings to the gracefully curved angles of decor items, the condo speaks a design language that's both nostalgic and novel. This unity is further accentuated by the choice of materials and color schemes. Natural materials, from wood grains to organic textiles, imbue the space with an inherent warmth, grounding the modern aesthetic in an earthy reality. Yet, it's the masterful interplay of color that truly elevates the space. While the foundational palette is rooted in darker, neutral shades, it's the judicious use of saturated accent colors that introduces vibrancy and dynamism, evoking memories of a time gone by, yet feeling unmistakably current.