Midtown Doral

K Studio ID teamed with MidTown Doral and other prestigious talents to craft a new concept for a new commercial and residential design era. It is a unique inspiration for an urban-modern style. This project consists of retail spaces on the 1st floor and residential areas from the 2nd to the 8th floors. The Inspiration was majorly based on two elements: elegant and smart, a design for an exclusive community that will interact with stunning architecture.

Midtown Doral Condominiums
Multifamily Residential, Commercial
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In a groundbreaking collaboration, K Studio ID forged a partnership with MidTown Doral and a selection of distinguished talents to bring forth a revolutionary concept that redefines the landscape of commercial and residential design in the contemporary era.


The vision for this ambitious venture is rooted in the principles of urban-modern aesthetics—a balance of sleek lines, functional spaces, and modern sensibilities, all while exuding an intrinsic metropolitan charm. The structure stands as a testament to innovative design thinking; the ground floor is dedicated exclusively to commercial spaces, setting the stage for business opportunities and community engagement. Ascending the building, one finds seven floors, starting from the 2nd all the way up to the 8th, thoughtfully planned and dedicated to residential dwellings. Each unit is designed to offer residents a space that feels both private and connected, an embodiment of contemporary urban living.


At the heart of the design ethos for this project lies a duality: elegance and intelligence. The former manifests in the sophisticated architectural lines, tasteful finishes, and curated spaces that exude luxury. The latter, intelligence, is manifested in smart design solutions aimed at fostering a sense of community, efficiency, and sustainability. Together, these twin pillars serve as the foundation for a community that is not just exclusive but also deeply interactive, where residents and businesses coexist, thrive, and inspire within a structure that is nothing short of architectural brilliance.