Midtown Doral Residential Lobby

The lobby of Midtown Doral Residential, designed by K Studio ID, showcases a modern luxury aesthetic with its sleek white furniture, rich wooden accents, and strategic lighting that highlights the spacious area. This welcoming space perfectly balances elegance and comfort, setting a sophisticated tone for the upscale apartment complex in Doral, Florida.

Project, Design
Miami, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

At Midtown Doral Residential, K Studio ID has brought to life a lobby that is the epitome of modern luxury and comfort. The space is designed with a crisp, clean aesthetic, featuring sleek white furniture that contrasts beautifully with rich wooden accents. Strategic lighting accentuates the high ceilings and spacious layout, while delicate greenery adds a touch of vitality to the room.


The goal for this lobby within a bustling apartment complex in Doral, Florida, was to create a first impression that embodies sophistication and warmth. It was designed to be a welcoming space for residents and guests, combining style with functionality.


The completed lobby area is a testament to contemporary design, offering a balance between elegance and comfort. This inviting space sets a tone of upscale living for Midtown Doral Residential, establishing a serene and polished atmosphere as soon as one enters the complex.