Modern Amber Condo

When designing this condo, the clients were particular in that they wanted a modern/contemporary theme with gray and orange but wanted to keep the space cozy and warm for their young daughter. The color orange is very bright, so we went more with amber orange to give it a more homey, warm feeling. Making the accent walls a dark gray wall covering also helped bring the cold modern feel to the warm side.

Interior Design, Residential
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

Nestled in the heart of the city, a modern sanctuary emerges that isn't just about sleek lines and chic aesthetics—it's a testament to the art of blending contemporary style with familial warmth. Guided by the discerning tastes of the clients and executed with the creative finesse of K Studio ID, this condo stands as a beacon of design that captures the dual essence of modernity and comfort.


The client's vision was clear from the outset—a home that embraced the crisp, uncluttered ethos of modern and contemporary design, yet remained a nurturing cocoon for their young daughter. Such a balance, while challenging, spurred K Studio ID to innovate and weave together a design narrative that harmoniously married these seemingly disparate elements.


At the heart of this design challenge lay the vibrant hue of orange. A color known for its vivacity and energy, it could easily dominate and unsettle the tranquil ambiance the family desired. Yet, K Studio ID's astute choice of amber orange, a shade that resonates with warmth and depth, transformed potential overpowering brightness into a gentle embrace of cozy sunlight. Complementing this amber allure, the decision to introduce accent walls adorned with dark gray wall coverings was a masterstroke. These walls, with their rich depth and texture, served as the perfect counterbalance to the amber's glow. Their presence gracefully grounded the space, offering a touch of sophistication and ensuring that the modern aesthetic did not stray into the realm of the sterile or impersonal. Every detail in the condo, from the choice of furniture to the art installations, adhered to this dual philosophy. Sleek, minimalist pieces were softened by plush fabrics and cushioning, ensuring comfort wasn't sacrificed at the altar of style. Open spaces were punctuated with curated decor elements that drew from both the contemporary and the cozy, creating pockets of warmth and intimacy amidst the broader modern landscape. In essence, the condo became a reflection of a life lived fully and lovingly—a space where the laughter of a young child would resonate as comfortably as the clink of wine glasses during an evening soirée. K Studio ID's design for this home is more than just an architectural accomplishment; it is a narrative of family, of the intertwining of the fresh and the familiar, and of creating spaces that are as deeply personal as they are universally appealing. In the end, the amber-hued condo stands as an embodiment of a design dream realized—a space where the brilliance of modern design melds seamlessly with the soft glow of familial warmth. It's not just a residence; it's a testament to the magic that happens when vision, expertise, and emotion come together in architectural harmony.