Modern Backyard Design

K Studio ID's Modern Backyard Design in Miami, Florida, offers a luxurious outdoor retreat that combines a crystal-clear swimming pool, elegant pergola, and lush landscaping to forge a serene oasis. This space is crafted with modern, sleek lines and durable materials, ideal for relaxation and entertainment in the vibrant Miami atmosphere.

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Miami, Florida
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What we've done

In Miami, Florida, K Studio ID has created a Modern Backyard Design that transforms outdoor living into a luxurious retreat. The design integrates a sparkling swimming pool with elegant stepping stones, a pergola offering dappled shade, and lush landscaping to create a private oasis. The architectural elements and landscaping choices reflect the modern, sleek aesthetic of Miami living while providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.


The aim was to design a backyard that serves as a seamless extension of the home's modern architecture, providing a functional and serene outdoor space. We focused on creating an area that encourages relaxation and entertainment, featuring clean lines, durable materials, and a layout that maximizes the use of the Miami climate.


The final design delivers a quintessentially modern Miami backyard, complete with all the amenities for relaxation and entertainment. The space is characterized by its clean, modern lines, thoughtful integration of natural elements, and a harmonious balance between shaded and sun-soaked areas, creating an inviting outdoor living environment.