Modern Residential Home

K Studio ID has crafted a luxurious sanctuary in Boca Raton, where interior spaces flow seamlessly with stunning ocean views, embodying elegance and tranquility. Utilizing natural light and contemporary design elements, each room resonates with sophistication, offering a residence that beautifully harmonizes with its breathtaking surroundings.

Interior Design
Boca Raton, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In this luxurious Boca Raton residence, we've cultivated an atmosphere of sophisticated serenity. Large windows frame breathtaking ocean views, infusing the space with a calming, natural elegance. We curated a design that is both airy and grounded, where each piece of furniture and decor adds to the home's sense of tranquility and luxury, from plush sofas to elegant light fixtures, ensuring the residence is a sanctuary of comfort and style.


Our vision was to create a space that seamlessly blends the beauty of Boca Raton with contemporary elegance. The intention was to craft interiors that feel open and connected to the stunning ocean views, while also ensuring each element within the home contributes to a cohesive and luxurious environment.


The final design realizes the vision of luxury living, fostering spaces that breathe life and elegance, optimizing natural light, and using colors and materials that complement the beauty of Boca Raton. The interior design harmonizes with the breathtaking surroundings, offering a living space that is both a luxury residence and a serene retreat.