K Studio ID’s design for this office in Doral, Florida, focuses on creating a modern and elegant conference room that fosters collaboration and productivity. With its thoughtful design elements such as sleek lighting, ergonomic furniture, and glass walls, the room embodies a sophisticated environment conducive to effective communication and strategic business discussions.

Doral, Florida
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What we've done

In Doral, Florida, K Studio ID has designed an office space that epitomizes the essence of modern corporate elegance. The conference room is a central feature, designed to facilitate effective communication and collaboration. It features a large, polished table, surrounded by comfortable, ergonomic chairs, and is illuminated by sleek, contemporary lighting. Glass walls enhance the room's spaciousness and modern appeal.


The objective was to create a space conducive to productivity, collaboration, and strategic thinking. We aimed to design a conference room that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that it aligns with the office's overall design ethos of modern corporate elegance.


The resulting design of the conference room is a space that fosters focus and collaboration, equipped with furnishings and design elements that enhance the room's functionality and aesthetic appeal. It stands as a testament to the office's modern, elegant design ethos, facilitating productive business engagements in a sophisticated environment.