Pure Joy Restaurant

K Studio ID masterfully designed the interior of Pure Joy Restaurant in Doral, Florida, reflecting its ethos of holistic nourishment. Collaborating with founder Mariana Viloria, the design embodies warmth, health, and gourmet excellence. Using a blend of natural materials and a harmonious color palette, the space seamlessly merges modernity with earthy charm, offering both communal and intimate dining experiences. This design stands as an architectural testament to the restaurant's commitment to love, purpose, and authenticity in every culinary offering.

Pure Joy Restaurant
Architecture, Interior Design, Food Industry
7761 NW 107th Ave Doral, Florida 33178
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What we've done

In the thriving hub of Doral, Florida, stands an architectural gem reflecting the very essence of its name: Pure Joy Restaurant. K Studio ID, renowned for crafting spaces that resonate deeply with their purpose, had the privilege to give form to this gastronomic haven. Embracing the restaurant's commitment to holistic nourishment, we intricately wove design elements that not only speak to aesthetics but also to the soul-nurturing philosophy of the eatery.


When Mariana Viloria, the brilliant mind and heart of Pure Joy, approached us, she brought more than just a culinary vision. With her background in healthcare and an undeniable love for cooking, she wanted a space that exudes warmth, health, and gourmet excellence. K Studio ID recognized the potential to create a restaurant that feels like an embrace – where the architecture and interior design meld seamlessly with Mariana's nutritionally conscious gourmet offerings.


Drawing inspiration from the restaurant's core principles of love, purpose, and authenticity, our design employs natural materials, harmonious color palettes, and strategic lighting. The design is not merely about aesthetics; it's a tactile experience meant to enhance the culinary journey of every guest. Inclusivity was at the forefront of Pure Joy's menu, and we made sure the interiors mirrored this commitment. Open, airy spaces intermingled with cozy niches allow for both communal dining and intimate gatherings. Each section, whether it's the main dining area or the more secluded corners, offers a unique ambiance, thanks to the meticulous design and decor curated by our team. To complement the amber orange warmth and the modern, holistic vibe Mariana envisioned for her dishes, we chose a blend of neutral tones accented with textures and patterns that evoke both modernity and earthy charm. The result is a space that feels alive – echoing the vibrancy of the menu and the spirit of the restaurant. K Studio ID is immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in shaping Pure Joy Restaurant – a place where design meets culinary passion, and where every corner tells a story of health, joy, and community. It stands as a testament to our belief that spaces should resonate with their purpose, creating an ambiance that enhances every interaction, every meal, and every cherished memory within its walls.