Radisson Red Miami Airport Hotel

Radission Red Airport Hotel is the 1st in Florida. The hotel is the only hotel in the Carlson Rezidor Group that brings the Wynwood style of art, music, and fashion to the hotel lifestyle. The project comprises natural and raw materials, like concrete, wood, and bricks, combined with costume art and design. Note: Architecture done by others.

Radisson Red Miami Airport Hotel
Hospitality, Interior Design
3401 NW 25th Street, Miami, Florida 33142
/Square Footage

What we've done

Radisson Red Airport Hotel isn't just another hotel in Florida—it's a trailblazer, being the first of its kind in the state. Unique among its peers in the Carlson Rezidor Group, this hotel effortlessly merges the eclectic Wynwood style of art, music, and fashion into the hotel experience, offering guests an unparalleled immersion into a world where lifestyle meets artistry. While the architectural groundwork was laid down by others, K Studio ID stepped in to shape the interiors, ensuring that each space within the hotel echoes the essence of the Radisson Red brand while also encapsulating the Wynwood spirit.


But it wasn't just about aesthetics. Functionality was kept at the forefront. By incorporating these raw materials, we ensured longevity and durability, essential for a bustling hotel environment. The choice of materials also pays homage to the urban art district's industrial roots, marrying history with contemporary appeal. Every corner of Radisson Red Airport Hotel, under our design direction, becomes a confluence of culture and comfort. Whether it's the rhythmic beats of local music, the flair of fashion, or the vibrancy of art, guests are enveloped in an experience that transcends a typical hotel stay. At K Studio ID, our journey with Radisson Red Airport Hotel stands as a testament to our passion for crafting interiors that resonate, spaces that don't just accommodate but celebrate the essence of a place and its people.


Our design language for this project gravitated towards authenticity and raw charm. To achieve this, we harnessed a medley of elemental materials—concrete, wood, and bricks. Each material was chosen for its innate character, and when combined, they evoke a sense of grounded sophistication, a perfect backdrop for the vibrant additions to come. One of the most striking elements of our design is the bespoke art and design touches. Understanding the importance of art in the Wynwood culture, we collaborated with local artists, infusing the space with custom-made pieces that are not only visually captivating but also narrate the rich tales of the locale. These pieces, ranging from dynamic wall murals to intricate installations, ensure that guests are constantly engaged, their senses awakened by the play of color, texture, and form.