Residential Home Interior Design

K Studio ID’s design for this Miami Beach residence is a curated blend of modern luxury and elegance, where sophisticated textures and artwork enrich the living spaces. The design encapsulates a vision of creating a home that is not only a visual masterpiece but also resonates with warmth and functional sophistication.

Interior Design
Miami Beach, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

In this Miami Beach Residential Home Interior Design project, we curated a space that reflects modern luxury and thoughtful elegance. The living room, as a centerpiece, is adorned with tasteful artwork, contemporary furniture, and a delicate interplay of textures and materials such as marble and wood, all subtly complemented by a sophisticated color palette.


Our vision was to create a living space that feels both luxurious and inviting. We aimed for a design that encapsulates modern aesthetics while maintaining a sense of warmth and comfort, ensuring that the residence isn’t just a visual masterpiece, but also a home that resonates with warmth and functionality.


The result is a harmonious blend of modern luxury with touches of elegance and functionality. Through meticulous design choices, from furniture selection to the use of textures and artwork, the space has been transformed into a residence that epitomizes the essence of sophisticated living in Miami Beach.