Rzone Fitness Doral

Rzone Fitness is an all-woman gym designed for them to become the best version of themselves. The Doral location is the 3rd in Miami but the most luxurious. The gym has a modern feel with grays and pink tones.

RZone Fitness
Commercial, Architecture, and Interior Design
Doral, Florida
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What we've done

Our design ethos for this project was rooted in understanding the unique needs and aspirations of the modern woman. This was not just about creating a functional space; it was about fostering an environment that resonates with empowerment, elegance, and motivation. The interior palette, carefully curated, combines cool grays with bursts of vibrant pinks. This balance not only infuses the gym with a fresh, modern aesthetic but also symbolizes the strength and grace inherent in every woman. Grays, with their timeless sophistication, provide a serene backdrop, while the pinks—vibrant and full of life—add layers of energy and vivacity.


In the bustling heart of Miami, a revolution in women's fitness finds its epitome in the Rzone Fitness Doral location. With two successful ventures already making waves, Rzone's Doral facility stands out not just as the third installment but as the pinnacle of luxury in their portfolio. K Studio ID took on the challenge of bringing this vision to life, crafting a space that was more than just a gym—it was to be a sanctuary where every woman could embark on a transformative journey towards her best self.


Beyond color, the layout has been conceptualized to optimize both function and luxury. State-of-the-art fitness equipment is interspersed with open spaces that encourage group activities and community building. The design incorporates subtle nuances to make the gymming experience as seamless as possible, from strategically placed mirrors that enhance the sense of space to ambient lighting that sets the right mood for every workout. But perhaps the most defining feature of the Rzone Fitness Doral location is its commitment to luxury. Every amenity, every piece of equipment, and every corner of the gym echoes this commitment. Plush locker rooms, dedicated relaxation areas, and a host of upscale facilities elevate the gym experience from routine to opulent. In the end, our vision for Rzone Fitness Doral was clear: to create a space that wasn't just about physical transformation but about crafting an environment where every woman feels celebrated, inspired, and empowered. It's not just a gym; it's a statement of what modern women deserve in their pursuit of excellence.