West Hills Home

The home's interior was entirely demolished and redesigned to have an open layout with an industrial modern look.

Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping, Residential
Weston, Florida
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What we've done

Nestled in the serene environs of Weston, Florida, stood a residence awaiting transformation. K Studio ID embarked on a project that would redefine the essence of this home. Our approach was bold and clear from the outset: a full-scale interior demolition to create a blank canvas from which we could craft our vision. Our design philosophy for this residence was centered around the principles of industrial modernism.


The intention was to blend the raw, unpretentious materials often seen in industrial spaces with the sleek and streamlined aesthetics of modern design. The resulting fusion gives the home a unique character, balancing warmth with minimalism, and form with functionality. By implementing an open layout, we prioritized fluidity and spaciousness. The free-flowing spaces not only allow for more natural light but also promote interaction and connectivity within the home. Traditional barriers were replaced with subtle demarcations, like strategic furniture placements and varying ceiling designs, to define different functional areas without compromising the expansive feel.


To stay true to the industrial motif, we incorporated elements like exposed beams, brickwork, and metal accents. These rugged features, when juxtaposed against the sleek lines and neutral palette of modern design elements, create a harmonious blend of contrasts. Pops of color, strategically introduced through furnishings and artworks, add layers of warmth and vibrancy to the otherwise muted tones. Every corner of this Weston home has been touched with intentionality. The layout encourages communal living, while individual spaces retain their distinct identities. By the end of our design journey, the residence was not just a house but a statement—a testament to the beauty that arises when industrial rawness meets modern sophistication.