Wood Smoke Patio

This patio renovation was based on the client’s Italian culture; they always wanted a unique wood-smoked oven for their home to cook pizza and other things like bread and roast meats. Their backyard was underused, and they wanted a space to have family and friends over to enjoy the fantastic Florida weather. The space design is generated around the authentic pizza oven in the back corner of the backyard to maximize the space around the pool. The outdoor kitchen is covered with a trellis mounted with acyclic that wraps around the house, starting at the backyard entrance and ending at the outdoor kitchen. One of the main problems the clients had before the renovation was maintenance, so when designing, we removed all the plants along the entrance fence and replaced them with turf grass. We are also creating a horizontal wall with a turf pattern (better described in the images above) to give the backyard a distinctive, more modern feel.

Architecture, Landscaping, Residential
Doral, Florida
/Square Footage

What we've done

Nestled in the sunny climes of Florida, a patio yearned for transformation. The essence of this renovation was not just about aesthetics; it was about evoking memories, traditions, and a deep-rooted Italian culture. At K Studio ID, we took on the challenge of bringing to life a dream—a dream where the heartwarming aroma of wood-smoked pizza would waft through the air, where laughter would echo, and where families would converge to create memories under the Floridian sky.


The client's vision was crystal clear: an authentic Italian wood-smoked oven, not just for the love of pizzas, but as an ode to traditional bread-making and the sumptuous roast meats that characterize Italian culinary traditions. Recognizing the vast potential of an underused backyard, the design had to seamlessly blend this cultural centerpiece with the contemporary demands of outdoor entertainment. The result is a meticulously crafted space where the pizza oven stands tall as the beacon of Italian tradition. Strategically positioned in the back corner of the yard, it allows for optimal utilization of the surrounding pool area—ensuring gatherings feel both intimate and spacious. This reimagined backyard is a dance between functionality and heritage.


Linking the home to this culinary haven is an elegant outdoor kitchen, crowned with a meticulously designed trellis. Adorned with acrylic, this structure weaves its way from the backyard entrance, embracing the house, and culminating at the outdoor kitchen. It's not just a shade provider; it's an architectural statement that binds the space. One key challenge voiced by the clients was the issue of maintenance. K Studio ID, always prioritizing practicality alongside design, took proactive steps to address this. The plants along the entrance fence made way for low-maintenance turf grass, ensuring the entrance remained pristine with minimal effort. Adding a touch of modernity, we introduced a striking horizontal wall, embedded with a turf pattern. While images would better detail its intricate design, it's sufficient to say that this feature imbues the backyard with a contemporary edge, juxtaposed beautifully against the traditional oven. In essence, this patio renovation is a testament to K Studio's commitment to understanding and respecting client narratives. It's a space where Italian traditions meet Floridian charm, where the past converses with the present, and where every brick, every trellis, every blade of grass tells a story of family, culture, and togetherness.